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What Does Amazon's Choice Mean?

By BuySimplified Staff · October 09, 2023

What Does Amazon's Choice Mean?

Ever been in the middle of an online shopping spree and noticed a product labeled "Amazon’s Choice"? It seems prestigious, but have you ever wondered what it really represents? Let’s dive deep and demystify the Amazon's Choice badge.

History of Amazon’s Choice

Shopping on Amazon, you've undoubtedly seen this label. But where did it come from?

Early Beginnings

Amazon’s Choice originated as a solution for Amazon Echo users. When customers ordered a product using voice command, Alexa would suggest an "Amazon’s Choice" product if the customer didn't specify a brand.

Evolution Over Time

Over the years, this badge has become a sought-after recognition for sellers and a guide for buyers. It’s evolved to represent quality and reliability.

Criteria for Amazon’s Choice

Wondering how products earn this badge? There’s a mix of factors at play.

Product Popularity

Highly purchased products stand a better chance. After all, there's safety in numbers, right?

Customer Reviews

Products with stellar reviews get the nod. Because who doesn't trust a well-reviewed product?

Shipping Speed

Prime-eligible and products that ship quickly often get preference. After all, who likes waiting forever for their orders?

Benefits of Amazon’s Choice

For Sellers

It's like a golden ticket. Products with this badge often see a spike in sales. Who wouldn't want that?

For Buyers

It acts as a quick guide to reliable products, taking out the guesswork. Because who has time to sift through a million reviews?

Misconceptions and Myths

It's not all roses. There are some misconceptions surrounding this badge.

It’s not a Paid Endorsement

Contrary to popular belief, sellers can’t buy this badge. It's earned, not bought.

Not Always the Best Product

Surprising, but true. Just because it's Amazon's Choice doesn’t always mean it’s the absolute best option available.

How to Achieve the Amazon's Choice Badge

It boils down to offering quality products, collecting positive reviews, and ensuring quick shipping. Simple, yet not so simple, huh?


The Amazon’s Choice badge is a handy tool for both sellers aiming to boost their sales and buyers looking for reliable products. But, like everything, it's essential to approach it with a discerning eye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Amazon's Choice a paid feature for sellers?
No, sellers cannot pay to get this badge. It's earned based on product quality and other factors.

Does every product category have an Amazon's Choice?
Not necessarily. It depends on the product's popularity and reviews in that category.

Can a product lose the Amazon's Choice badge?
Yes, if its performance dips or other products outshine it.

Is Amazon's Choice region-specific?
Yes, a product might be Amazon's Choice in one region but not in another.

Does Amazon's Choice guarantee product quality?
Not always. It's a guide, but always check product reviews and details before purchasing.

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What Does Amazon's Choice Mean?

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